This site is devoted to bubble blowers — big and small, expensive and free, cute and ugly, old and new — and to anything related to them.

Bubble blowers are among the oldest and most popular of children's toys. Even when families had no money for toys, they could find a wire to twist into a circle and some soap for blowing bubbles.

Enclosed novelty blower setThroughout the years, bubble blowers grew to emcompass many different types. Pipes and wands were the earliest mass produced bubble blowers. But many favor and collect blowers showing their favorite television "stars" Disney characters or Barbie, or many other characters or themes.

In spite of some inflated prices, bubble blowers can make a great collection for kids, as fast food chains, cereal and soap manufacturers, and children’s stores, among others produce free blowers every year. Even if your kids don't collect, bubble blowing can be a great family event. Early Donald Duck blowerYou can buy or make bubble solutions and blow bubbles for your children (and pets) to pop. Mechanical and electric blowers offer a way to produce a fun-filled plethora of bubbles bound to tire out even the most resistant tot.

For an unusual treat, try blowing bubbles when it is below freezing. The bubbles turn to fragile balls of ice in the air and may roll or shatter when they hit the ground. Bubble-themed birthday parties are popular, especially since SpongeBob Squarepants became popular.

Blowers are truly part of our culture. On this site, you can learn of their history, find some fascinating bubble facts, learn about bubble world record holders, see pictures of some well-known people blowing bubbles, and read articles about specific bubble-related areas. Bubble blowers are heavily featured in song and video. Be sure to check out blowers found in articles or on TV, and perhaps most importantly, take a listen to the many versions of the song "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles."

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This site shows blowers of many different types, from simple wands to mechanical and electronic blowers. There are many characters and themes, including popular categories such as animals, cartoon characters, holiday celebrations (Christmas, Halloween, etc.), movies, television, or books.

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