Items in this category carry advertising of some sort, and are generally promotional in nature.

Budweiser Budweiser Party Bubble Blowers
Circa: 1990s?
Orange wand Captain Crunch Bubble Maker
Copyright: 1991
Company: Namkung
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Green Coke bubbles Coca-Cola Bubbles
Circa: 1970s
Company: Coca-Cola Bottler
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Front view Coca-Cola Polar Bear Ornament
Copyright: 1996
Company: Kurt S. Adler, Inc.
Orig. Price: $29.95
Front view Hardee Bubble Star
Copyright: 2000
Company: CKE Restaurants, Namkung Productions
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Red pen M&M Mini's Pen
Circa: 2000?
Company: M&M's
Set of three McDonald's Seifenblasen-Spiel
Copyright: 1994
Company: McDonald's (Germany)
Bubble solution Pillsbury Doughboy Bubbles
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Crazy Bubbles
Blowing bubbles Pustefix Mechanical Bear
Copyright: 1948
Company: Pustefix company (Germany)
Advertising Bubbler Rexall Store Bubbler
Circa: 1930s ?
Company: American Bubble Toy Co., Boston, MA
4 colors Ronald McDonald Bubble Wand
Copyright: 1998
Company: McDonald's
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Bottle Snowden and Friends Bubbles
Copyright: 1998
Company: Krazy Bubbles, Target