Popeye, Linemar Bubble Blowing
Front view
Front view Close-up Box
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Categories: Cartoon, Figures, Tin
Company Linemar Co. Inc.
Era 1950s
Dimensions 12 in
Packaging in box
Character Popeye
Description: Bubble Blowing Popeye from Linemar Co. of Japan is one of the most sought after bubble blowing toys. He has five actions: As his pipe is raised it lights up red. His mouth opens, lifting the bubble wand out of the solution in his mouth, and Popeye blows air that creates bubbles. His left arm raises so Popeye can get his spinach. It is a wonderful toy and highly sought after by toy collectors.

Some recent sale prices -
... $1,724 in 2001, mint, working, and with box
... $1,427 in April 2003, mint, working, and with box
... $400 in September 2005, working, some paint touch-ups, no box
... $390 in February 2009, mechanics work but rubber hose rotted, some rust, no box

2004 Schroeder's Collectible Toys -
... $950 near mint (page 45)