Musical Bubbly Clown
Front view
Front view In box Box cover
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Category: Figures
Copyright 1988
Dimensions 15 in x 6 in x 6 in
Packaging in box
This battery-operated bubble-blowing clown is known as "Bubbly," according to his bubble cup. He moves, blows bubbles, and plays the tune, "It's a Small World." He comes in several different color clown suits and hats (blue, black & red with white). The colors on the base by his feet light up and blink with the music. First light has an "I" -- second a heart -- and third a "U".

Takes 3 "C" batteries. Underside of base says "Copyright BCP/BAR/DWL 1988."

Some ebay sale prices -
... In 2002-2004, these clowns seem to sell on ebay for about $10 to $20.