Bubble-O-Bill Bubble Hat
Bear modeling hat
Bear modeling hat Hat, solution, and box Box side
Type: Other Blowers
Category: Tin
Company Mattel Inc. (Los Angeles)
Era 1950s?
Orig. price 98¢
Dimensions 3 in x 5.8 in x 4.5 in
Packaging in box
This is the funniest bubble blower you will ever see.

This hat is made of polished aluminum and a plastic blower with a long tube is attached to the top. The hat also has plastic strips so it can be tied under the chin of its wearer.

The end flap of the box explains how you too can be a bubble head: 1. Cut off top of bubble fluid package. 2. Pour fluid into Bubble Pipe. 3. Replace cap snugly. 4. Put hat on ... adjust strap on chin and place tube in mouth. 5. Then ... blow thousands of bubbles from the top of your head. 6. For best results keep hat level when blowing.

The yellow and red plastic apparatus with the tubing was also sold separately as a bubble blowing device, called Bubble-O-Bill Space Ship Bubble Pipe.

Some recent sale prices -
... one surprisingly didn't sell at starting price $7.99 in June 2005.