Bubba Billions
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Company Koosh, OddzOn/Cap Toys Inc.
Copyright 1997
Orig. price $14.95
Dimensions 9 in x 7 in x 2 in
Packaging on card
The Koosh Bubba Billions "makes billions of bubbles," according to the back of the card.

Instructions say: 1) Pour bubble solution into dipping dish -- close solution container to prevent spills. 2) Dip wand into dipping dish. 3) Lift Bubba Billions from bubble solution -- hold Bubba Billions over dipping dish for a few seconds to allow excess solution to drip back into dish. 4) Press power button on handle to make bubbles. Includes a 4 oz. bottle of bubble solution and a bubble tray.

Takes 4 "AA" (1.5v) batteries (not included).