Koosh Bubble Whistle
Whistle On card with bubbles  
Types: Mechanical, Self Contained
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Company Koosh, OddzOn, Hasbro
Copyright 1999
Orig. price $2.99
Dimensions 1.5 in x 3.5 in x 1.2 in
Packaging on card
This is a "real working whistle with spinning bubble wheel," says the package. You put bubble solution into the circular part of the whistle. When you blow the whistle, the air goes past a whistle hole and then through a "wand wheel" that rotates into the bubble solution. "The more you blow, the more bubbles you get!"

The whistle comes in red, yellow, and purple. It is packaged on a card with a bottle of Koosh bubbles. Item number: 54405.