Weed Whacker Bubble Blower
Weedwacker Weedwacker  
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Era 1970s?
Dimensions 24 in
These are the only two pictures I've ever seen of a "weedwhacker" bubble blower. It looks like a possible Fisher Price toy, but I don't know. The words on it are simply "Bubble Whacker."

Directions say to push the yellow button and bubbles will come out. The trigger switch is used to operate the item. It also has an air vent on the bottom and a soap filler/bubble discharge on the side. The weedwacker takes 2 "C" batteries.

Some recent eBay prices -
The only recent one on eBay was up twice and did not sell (for $5.25 plus $8.20 shipping, nor for $0.99 plus $10.35 shipping).