Bubbleology: A Hands-on Science Kit
Bubbleology Kit  
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Categories: Books about Bubbles, Science
Company innovative KIDS
Copyright 2003
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Title: Bubbleology: A Hands-on Science Kit
Author: Jim Moskowitz and Casey Carle
Publisher: innovative KIDS, Norwalk, CT
Copyright: 2003
ISBN: 1584761652
Pages: 33

Casey Carle, international performing master bubbleologist and the BubbleMania guy, teamed with Jim Moskowitz, "Ask the Scientist" expert and science-exhibit creator at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, PA, to create this wonderful hands-on science book and kit.

This combination book and box includes a 33-page book teaching more than 30 science experiments and lab equipment (a bubble obstacle course, submersible bubble diver, speedboat, eyedropper, string ring, 15 tubes, 8 connectors, a water strider, bull's-eye target, sunken ship, and a multibubble wand).

There are a lot of experiments teaching the science of bubbles, including a number of ways to learn about surface tension, bubble films, megabubbles, square and other geometric bubbles, and a bunch of ways to be a "Bubblemaniac," create bubble art, and have bubble contests.

This is a fantastic and highly recommended book and lab kit.

Special note - Casey Carle donated a copy of Bubbleology: A Hands-on Science Kit to the Bubble Blower museum. Click to see his Bubblemania website, and learn more about him on this site in the Human Bubble Blowers area.