Super WaterSpout Mower
Girl with mower
Girl with mower 1999 ad  
Type: Mechanical
Category: Push/Pull
Company Little Tykes
Era 1999
Orig. price $19.99
Dimensions 24 in x 21 in x 11 in
Packaging in box
According to an advertisement for this item: "In the past, mowing the lawn has been seen as a bit of a chore, but rest assured -- that's just because people have been using the wrong lawn mower! With the Super WaterSpout Mower from Little Tikes you can show your little one how fun giving the backyard a trim really is!

"The Super WaterSpout Mower features 3 fun activities for kids--they can 'mow' the grass, enjoy sprinkler play, and blow bubbles all at the same time! The water squirts left and right approximately 8' to 10' as kid mows away; the mower holds up to one-third gallon of water and travels over 200' per fill up! A built-in container in the handle holds bubble solution (not included). Kids will love the exciting pretend mower sounds that the clicking wheels make!"

Also pictured is an advertisement from a 1999 newspaper. The dimensions given above are for the box. Package Weight: 5.7 pounds.