Wild West Rodeo Bubbling Bull
With box
With box Bubbling Bull 1959 Ad
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Categories: Animals, Figures, Plush, Tin
Company Linemar Marx
Copyright 1959
Orig. price $2.00
Dimensions 8 in x 7 in x 4 in
Packaging in box
Character Character
This bucking bull is a great bubble blower. He has twin wands in front of his nose, bucks forward to put them in the bubble solution "Water Hole," and throws the rider back as he comes up and blows bubbles.

The bull is of a plush black material, and is on a tin base lithographed with "Wild West Rodeo."

Some sale prices -
... a mint but non-working one sold for $103 on ebay in January 2004.
... a working bull with no box or cup did not sell in March 2006 for a buy-it-now price of $125 plus $6 s/h.
... a non-working bull in very good condition (no box) sold for $58.79 plus $10 s/h in May 2006.
... very good condition but unknown as to whether it works, with torn box, sold for $165 in June 2006.
... very good condition with original box, non-working condition, no cup, sold for $85 in December 2008.
... very good to excellent with original box, has cup and solution bottle, works perfectly (included video), sold for $136.49 in February 2009.
... near mint, working, has blue cup, no box, sold for $114.51 plus $8 s/h in March 2009.
... near mint, working, has blue cup, no box, sold for $67.66 plus $8 s/h in April 2009.
... excellent, working, has blue cup and box, sold for $179.77 plus $11 s/h in May 2009.