Bubble Rock Wands: Pond Set
Pond Set
Type: Wand
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Company BubbleRock.com
Copyright 2004
Orig. price $5.00
Dimensions 19 in x 6 in x 0.1 in
Character swan, frog, dragonfly
This great set is one of several bubble wand sets come from Bubble Rock resources for children. The wands are made of stiff, high-quality plastic.

The dimensions vary: 8.5" x 4.5" for dragonfly, 13" x 5.5" for frog, and 19" x 6" wide for swan. [Another great set is the Bug Set, seen in a separate listing on this site.]

Bubble Rock - Our thanks to Bubble Rock, who donated this set to the Bubble Blower Museum. More information about their great wands is available at their website.