Pooh and Tigger Bubble Bag
Bubble bag
Bubble bag Pooh Tigger and Pooh
Types: Self Contained, Wand
Categories: Animals, Cartoon, Disney, Figures
Company Gazillion, Funrise, Disney
Copyright 2003
Packaging in bag
Character Winnie the Pooh, Tigger
Great new product from Gazillion Bubbles. Two bottles of 105 ml. of bubble solution with wands in a plastic carry bag. One has Tigger as the cap topper and the other has Winnie the Pooh.

Another in the bubble bag series is the Disney Princess Bubble Bag.

Funrise Toys -
Our thanks to Funrise Toys, who donated this item to the Bubble Blower Museum. More information about Gazillion bubbles and bubble blowers is available at their website.