Blue's Clues Bubble Carry Case
In bag
In bag 4 blowers  
Types: Self Contained, Wand
Categories: Animals, Cartoon, Figures, Television
Company Little Kids Inc.
Copyright 2001
Orig. price $9.99
Dimensions 6 in x 9 in x 3 in
Packaging in bag
Character Blue and Magenta
Blue's Clues Bubble Blower Carry Case is a zippered plastic bag that carries four bubble blowers and a bottle of Blue's Bubble Liquid.

There are two No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Minis; one with a Blue wand and the other with Magenta. The third blower is Blue hanging on a Bubble Stroob designed to look like a flower. And finally, Blue on a grassy hilltop ready to have someone blow through the back.

All in all, a very nice group of blowers.