Leaf and Bubble Blower, Fisher-Price
Leaf and bubble blower
Types: Mechanical, Self Contained
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Company Fisher-Price
Packaging no packaging
This is the Fisher-Price leaf and bubble blower, and it is one of the best at blowing bubbles I've seen. You put bubble solution in it, turn the crank, and it very easily pours out tons of bubbles.

Needs no batteries and works great. What more could anyone want?

[If you can't figure out how to fill the blower with solution, here's the secret: At the opening end of the yellow tube, on each side you will see a small clear window. Marking about the middle (horizontally) of the window are arrows on each side of the window. Put the blower on a level surface, and pour bubble solution into the front opening until the solution is level with the arrows.]

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... April 2004, $26.03
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