Gropper No. 15 Bubble Set
Box top
Box top Box opened Inside of box
Type: Pipe
Category: Vintage Sets
Company Gropper?
Era 1930s?
Dimensions 6.8 in x 5 in
Packaging in box
Another of the vintage sets from the 1930s-1940s. This one is labeled as "No. 15 Bubble Set" and "Gropper" on the box top. I'm assuming that Gropper refers to the company, but could be wrong.

The cardboard form inside the box suggests there was one bubble pipe (the blue one in the picture is a logical one), the tin bowl, and a bar of soap. The box top suggests the bar of soap may have been in the shape of a dog. The fancy pipe shown is unlikely to have actually come with this set.

Recent ebay sale prices -
... Feb. 2004, this particular set sold for $47.