Snappy the Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon
Snappy Box top Box side
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Categories: Animals, Figures, Tin
Company Marx Co., Japan
Era 1960s
Packaging in box
Character Dragon
Snappy the Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon is the rarest bubble blower I am aware of. It appears to be from the 1960s and was made by the Marx Company (Japan). It came with a squeeze bottle for bubble solution and took four batteries.

Box cover and side say:
* Stop and go action
* Weaves along the floor
* Flashing lights go on and off in sequence
* Turning head action
* Bubble blowing action

Side of box also says "Fill with bubble solution through nostril or mouth with enclosed eye dropper."

Boy, would I love to have this one!!

Sales -
In June 2004, Smith House sold Snappy the Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon with original box for $4,345.
In June 2006, a mint dragon without a box sold on eBay for $2,247.
In September 2006, an almost mint Snappy with a good original box sold on eBay for $5,048.70.

Reproduction Boxes -
The box pictured here is a reproduction, produced by Toy Tent Antique and Collectible Toys. It is a professional quality replica box, true to the original graphics and dimensions.