Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic Book
Bubble Magic
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Category: Books about Bubbles
Company Running Press
Copyright 1988
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Description: Title: Tom Noddy's Bubble Magic
Author: Tom Noddy
Publisher: Running Press, Philadelphia, PA
Copyright: 1988
ISBN: 089471659X
Pages: 96

Tom Noddy's book, Bubble Magic was one of the first popular books about blowing bubbles. It is very difficult to find now-a-days. The book has chapters titled Tools, Beginning Bubbles, Beyond Round Bubbles, Cosmic Bubbles, Fizzix, and A Magic Nation. It also includes a "Bubbliography," which lists some other great resources.

Special note -
Tom Noddy donated a copy of Bubble Magic to the Bubble Blower museum. Click to see his Bubble Magic website, and learn more about him on this site in the Human Bubble Blowers area.