Walt Disney Bubble Pipes: Donald Duck
Yellow pipe
Yellow pipe On card Split colors
Type: Pipe
Categories: Cartoon, Disney
Company Lido, W.D.P.
Era 1950s?
Orig. price 10¢
Dimensions 3 in x 6 in x 1 in
Packaging on card
Character Donald Duck
Walt Disney Character Bubble Pipes were probably manufactured in the 1950s and displayed a number of the famous Disney characters in a variety of colors.

The Donald Duck character, shown here, has a sailor collar around his neck and his sailor hat on top serving as the bubble blowing area. It originally came on a card that read, "No. 346. Walt Disney Character Bubble Pipes" with an original price of 10 cents.

The pipes themselves have a small circle with "Lido" on one side and copyright "W.D.P." on the other. The varied colors include yellow, red, blue, green, and silver, and splits where one side of the figure is in one color and the other in another color. I also have a strange pinkish on one side and a brownish yellow on the other.

Other characters -
Other characters made included Mickey Mouse and Pluto. They are also very similar to ones made for Howdy Doody characters.

Some eBay sale prices -
... Average price in recent years appears to be about $3.50 plus $2 for shipping.
... 1998, a silver/yellow sold for $7 plus $3 shipping
... 1998, green, $5 plus $3
... 2001, green/red, $1 plus $1
... 2001, pink/dark yellow, $1 plus $1