Big Bird Bubble Blower (Sesame Street)
Close-up Big Bird  
Type: Mechanical
Categories: Figures, Television
Company Tara Toy Corp, Childen's Television Workshop, JHF
Era 1980s?
Dimensions 10 in x 4.5 in x 5.5 in
Character Big Bird
This is a very unique bubble blower. Big Bird holds a wand in one hand and a cup full of bubble solution in the other. Behind him, on his stand, are a huge blue button and a small green one. Pushing the green button raises the wand up to his mouth. Then push the blue one, which forces air from the base through Big Bird, and it comes out his mouth. If you are still holding down the green button when the air blows, you get bubbles.

This is really a unique, low tech bubble blower, but is a little harder to use then you might assume. A kid might need a helping hand from mom to get it all coordinated.