Mickey Mouse Bubble Pipe
Front view
Front view Side view: up Side view: down
Type: Pipe
Categories: Cartoon, Disney, Figures
Company ChemToy Corporation, Walt Disney Productions
Copyright 1972
Dimensions 5 in x 6 in x 2 in
Packaging on card
Character Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse on this bubble pipe goes up and down. Blow and Mickey rises up and bubbles come out in three directions. There is a small door that slides open on the pipe right behind Mickey -- use this hole to fill with bubble solution.

This Mickey Mouse blower has been packaged at least twice (see pictures): once as the Mickey Mouse Automatic Bubble Pipe with Wonder Magic Wand Soap Bubbles, and also as Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Bubble Pipe. Both were made by Chemtoy. The bubbles packaged on the first card are dated 1972, so I'm using that as the date till I know different.

Some ebay sale prices -
... 1997, one on card sold for $15.
... 2001, one loose sold for $3.
... Average price seems about $4.50 for loose pipes and $9 on card.