Captain Oliver Octopus
Front view
Front view Another view From overhead
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Categories: Animals, Figures
Company Imperial Toys
Copyright 1984
Dimensions 7 in x 10 in x 8 in
The Captain Oliver the Bubble Blowing, Singing-Blinking Octupus was made by Imperial Toys around 1984. It really is a winner. The octupus comes in purple, red, or yellow, and has a sailor hat on. When you turn it on, it travels and spins around the floor, eyes flashing on and off, blowing bubbles, and playing, "It's a Small World." When it bumps into something, it changes directions.

The body and hat are hard plastic and the tentacles are rubber. The body states that it is "Made in Taiwan" and copyright 1984. It takes two "C" batteries.

Some ebay sale prices -
... July 2003, one in box sold for $10.