Freud Executive Stress Bubbles
Close-up Freud set  
Types: Self Contained, Wand
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Company Hyman Creative Products Group
Era 1980s?
Dimensions 6 in x 4.5 in x 3.5 in
Packaging in box
Character Freud
This gag gift is quite fun. On a plastic base is a bottle of bubble solution and a bubble wand with a $ sign. The bubble solution has a picture of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, and entitles the bubbles, "RX Freud: Executive Stress Bubbles."

Writing on the label refers to Money and Personal Fantasies. Left side of label says this is Item #A0087. Both sides say: "Doctor Freud's hip prescription for relieving your personal wories. Blow 15 bubbles hourly and fill each bubble with your fantasy!"

"Hang tag says, "Stressed by all your personal problems? Blow them away with Dr. Freud's very hip prescription for quick relief: Bubbles!"

Bottle is 5.5" tall and 2" square.

Some ebay sale prices -
... 2004, one with stand, bottle, and wand (no box) sold for $0.99.