Bear, Tin
Front Back Bottom
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Categories: Animals, Figures, Tin
Company M-T Co. (Japan)
Era 1950s
Dimensions 9.5 in x 5 in x 4 in
Packaging in box
This battery operated Bubble Bear is all tin. You put bubble solution in the bear's mouth. The bear's head moves back and forth as a hoop in his mouth raises and lowers into the bubble solution, and then with a puff of air coming out of his mouth, he blows bubbles. In addition, the bear raises and lowers his pipe and it lights.

The lithograph around the base shows pictures of lady bugs, squirrels, rabbits, and foxes playing with the bubbles that the bear is blowing.

Some ebay sale prices -
... July 2001, the bear shown, in working condition with a box, sold for $306.