Donald the Bubble Duck
Front with box
Front with box Side view with box Display view
Type: Squeezer
Categories: Cartoon, Disney, Figures
Company Morris Plastics Corp., NY
Copyright 1960
Orig. price 69¢
Dimensions 8 in x 3 in x 3 in
Packaging in box
Character Donald Duck
The Donald the Bubble Duck bubble blower came with soap powder to make a bubble solution and a bubble powder scoop that is shaped like an ice cream scoop. The set came with the display background you can see in the pictures. Donald looks like a soda jerk with an ice cream soda. The duck is made of soft plastic and the scoop of hard plastic. Both of Donald's feet are marked as copyright Walt Disney Productions.

The instructions say to fill soda glass with bubble liquid made from the powder, then to squeeze Donald's tummy, and bubbles will come out of his mouth.

Some ebay sale prices -
... 2001, a complete, excellent set sold for $39.
... 2001, a good duck and ice cream scoop (no box) sold for $15.

Morris Plastics -
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