Elmo and Dorothy (Sesame Street)
Close-up Elmo in use Single serving bin
Type: Wand
Categories: Figures, Television
Company Little Kids Inc.
Copyright 2001
Orig. price $5.99
Dimensions 5 in x 4 in x 1 in
Packaging on card
Character Elmo and Dorothy (fish)
This bubble blower is Elmo holding Dorothy in her fish bowl. It comes packaged on a card along with Zoe's No-Spill Bubble Tumbler.The card also has a bottle of Sesame Street bubble solution and a dip tray.

It also can be found in an open display can selling Sesame Street bubble blowers singularly.

Little Kids Inc. -
Our thanks to Little Kids Inc., who donated this item to the Bubble Blower Museum. More information about these Sesame Street bubble blowers is available at their website.