Sleeping Beauty Bubble Princess
In box
Type: Self Contained
Categories: Cartoon, Disney, Figures, Movies
Company Mattell
Copyright 1995
Dimensions 6.5 in x 3 in x 1 in
Packaging on card
Character Sleeping Beauty
This is Sleeping Beauty from the Sleeping Beauty movie -- one of the dolls from Disney's Bubble Princess Collection. The star you see next to her head is a plastic container for bubble solution. There is a wand attached to the cap of the star.

You can also blow bubbles by filling Sleeping Beauty with bubble solution. On her back is a stopper with an attached curved wand. Dip that small wand into Sleeping Beauty's back and blow bubbles with that.

The Bubble Princess collection includes Belle (14633), Sleeping Beauty (14634), Cinderella (14635), Snow White (14636), and Jasmine (14637).