Dynamic Bubble Gun
Black gun on card
Black gun on card Green gun on card Black gun
Type: Mechanical
Category: Gun/Blaster
Company Atomic Industries, Milwaukee, WI
Copyright 1958
Orig. price 48¢
Dimensions 8 in x 4 in x 1 in
Packaging on card
Card says: New! Dynamic Automatic Repeating Bubble Gun. Bubbles galore with each "dip." Boys or girls. Doesn't drip. Nothing harmful. Practically unbreakable.

Package includes gun and small glass bottle of bubble solution. Dip the gun barrel into bubble solution. Squeezing the gun trigger forces puffs of air out the barrel and blows bubbles.

Patent no. 2828579. Manufactured by Atomic Industries, Inc., 2044 North 3rd Street, Milwaukee 12, Wis.