Bubble-Mill Automatic Bubble Blower
Bubble-Mill Bubble-Mill ad In action
Type: Battery Operated/Electric
Category: Other Bubble Blowers
Company Ambiant, Los Angeles, CA
Copyright 2001
Orig. price $39.95
Dimensions 14 in x 8 in x 10 in
Packaging in box
This is a great automatic bubble blower. It is light-weight yet steady, and its bright colors are very appealing, especially for children's parties. The legs hold it up higher, allowing better circulation of the bubbles throughout the room.

The motor, which is quieter than many of these larger blowers, is protected by a housing that keeps little fingers from getting to the fan, and the tub for bubble solution is large enough to keep blowing bubbles for quite a while.

Ambiant -
Our thanks to Ambiant , who donated the Bubble-Mill Bubble Blower to the Bubble Blower Museum. More information about the bubble blower is available at their website.