Children's Museum Activity Book: Bubbles
Type: Related Items
Category: Books about Bubbles
Company Little Brown & Co. (Boston)
Copyright 1979
Dimensions 7.8 in x 7.5 in x 0.3 in
Title: Bubbles: A Children's Museum Activity Book
Author: Bernie Zubrowski
Illustrator: Joan Drescher
Publisher: Little, Brown, & Co.
Copyright: 1979
ISBN: 0316988804 (hardcover); 0316988812 (paperback)
Editions: Hardcover and paperback
Pages: 64 (paperback)

One review reads, "Zubrowski is an enthusiastic proponent of using bubbles as teaching aids. The book describes numerous bubble film activities and includes techniques for blowing bubbles and making gigantic bubbles, bubble sculptures, bubbles under glass, and other unusual bubbles." For grades 5-7.