Simpson's Bubble Blowing Lisa
Lisa with saxophone
Lisa with saxophone In box Back of box
Types: Mechanical, Squeezer
Categories: Cartoon, Figures, Television
Company Mattel
Copyright 1990
Orig. price $22.00
Dimensions 11 in x 7 in x 5 in
Packaging in box
Character Lisa Simpson
This is Lisa Simpson from "The Simpsons" cartoon show. She is holding her saxophone, which is the bubble blower. She's a fairly big character and brightly colored. The saxophone can be removed and used separately.

The instructions, on the side of the box, are given by Lisa's brother Bart in a cartoon format drawn by Matt Groening. The dimensions above are for Lisa with her saxophone in her mouth.

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... 2001, one in box sold for $10.50.
... Jan. 2002, one sold for $53.50.
... June 2004, one sold for $10.49.
... Feb. 2005, one sold for $39.99.
... Apr. 2005, one sold for $11.26.
... June 2005, bid rose to $18.00