King Size Bubble Shooter
Box with yellow shooter
Box with yellow shooter Box cover Box cover with green shooter
Type: Mechanical
Category: Gun/Blaster
Company Mecklenburg Specialties, Charlotte, NC
Era 1950s?
Orig. price 89¢
Dimensions 7 in x 1.5 in x 2.5 in
Packaging in box
This King Size Bubble Shooter is really interesting. The "shooter" is like an old bug spray gun.

When the rod is in, the shooter is 7" long; when pulled out it is a little over 10" long. Pushing the rod in forces air out the end. Attached to the end is a plastic container for bubble solution and a metal circle wand; push the attached lever and the wand dips into the solution, raise it back up to blow bubbles.

The included solution is King Size Bubble Soap. The printed notice inside the box says: "IMPORTANT. Use only King Size Bubble Soap in your Shooter as this Shooter is designed for the use of this fluid only. King Size Bubble Soap can be obtained from your local dealer."

The directions on side of box say, "Fill container on front of gun with King Size Bubble Soap, push trigger and release. Then shoot. Length of stroke will determine number of bubbles." Patent No. on box is 2-393-039.