Babylon 5 Bubble Buddies
Group of 6
Group of 6 Group of 8 On cards
Types: Self Contained, Wand
Categories: Figures, Movies, Television, Warner Bros.
Company Dorda, Warner Bros.
Copyright 1995
Dimensions 3.5 in x 2.5 in x 1.5 in
Packaging on card
There are eight spaceships in the set of Bubble Buddies from the "Babylon 5" television series. Seen in the first picture are: back row, left to right, Green Ship ("skylark" commercial transport), Narn Fighter, Centuari Transport; front row, Narn Transport, Minbari Flyer, Babylon 5 Space Station. Missing are the Star Fury and Babylon 5 Crew Shuttle.

The second picture shows all eight of the blowers, and the third picture shows a number of them on cards. Finally there are individual pictures of the Starfury and the Minbari Flyer. On the bottom of all the plastic solution jars is "Dorda Ind, Ltd. Made in China. 1992."

According to one source, these items were originally manufactured by "Galoob" as "MicroMachines." They then were sublicensed by Dorda Toys and the same bubble makers were repackaged as Bubble Buddies.

Some ebay sale prices -
... Nov. 1997, $29 for 6 buddies
... July 2001, $22 for 7 buddies
... Nov. 2001, $12 for 7 on cards