Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
F-P mower
F-P mower Mower Close-up
Type: Mechanical
Category: Push/Pull
Company Fisher-Price
Era 2000?
Orig. price $19.99
Dimensions 22.5 in x 11.1 in x 7.5 in
Packaging in box
There are several different Fisher-Price bubble mower styles, but the current most common one has a black handle and red "engine." The box it comes in reads, "Who says yard work can't be fun? The Bubble Mower turns pretend lawn mowing into a bubble-blowing bonanza! Load it up with bubble solution (included), then watch the bubbles fly as you push! For extra fun, check the oil with the dipstick and blow more bubbles! Realistic mowing sound, spinning flywheel, clicking key and pull-cord 'starter' make it fun without bubbles, too!"

No batteries needed. Dimensions above are for the box. The weight of package is 4.4 pounds.