This group serves as a catch-all for the bubble solution category.

Aladdin Bubbles Aladdin Bubbles
Circa: 1950s
Company: Aladdin Sales Company, Jersey City, NJ
Orig. Price: 10¢
Atomic Bomb Bubbles Atomic Bomb Bubbles
Circa: 1950s?
Beatles Bubbles Beatles Bubbles (fantasy item)
Copyright: 1964
Company: NEMS Enterprises Ltd.
Bubble Joy Bubble Joy Bubble Solution
Circa: 1950s
Company: Virginia Chemical Corp., Lynchburg, VA
Orig. Price: 10¢
Paper envelope Bubble-Trix
Circa: 1950s?
Bulles Jabon Bulles Jabon (Pooh & Friends)
Circa: 2002?
Company: Made in China
Ludo brand Candy Bubble Solution
Circa: 1999
Company: various
Orig. Price: $3.00
Catnip Blowing Bubbles Catnip Bubble Solutions
Circa: 2000
Company: various
Green Coke bubbles Coca-Cola Bubbles
Circa: 1970s
Company: Coca-Cola Bottler
Orig. Price: $9999.00
Davy Crockett bubbles Davy Crockett bubble solution
Circa: 1950s
1 solution Dulcop Bubble Solutions
Circa: 2000
Company: Dulcop (Italy)
Glitter bottles Glitter Bubbles
Circa: 2000
Company: Dulcop
Bottle Hello Kitty Bubble Solution
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Sanrio Co., Ltd
Imagineering bubbles Imagineering Bubble Solution
Circa: 1990s?
Company: Walt Disney
King Size Bubble Soap King Size Bubble Soap
Circa: 1950s
Orig. Price: 10¢
4 oz. & 8 oz. bottles Mr. Bubbles Bubble Solutions
Circa: 1940s on
Company: Tootsietoy
Bubble solution Non Toxic Bubble Liquid
Copyright: 1996
Company: Little Kids, Inc.
Bubble solution Pillsbury Doughboy Bubbles
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Crazy Bubbles
3 scents Smell This Scented Bubble Solutions
Copyright: 2000
Company: Smell This Scented Bubbles
Orig. Price: $9.00
Bottle Snowden and Friends Bubbles
Copyright: 1998
Company: Krazy Bubbles, Target
Bubble solution Winnie the Pooh Bubble Solution
Circa: 2000
Company: Disney Store, Inc.
Wonder Soap Bubbles Wonder Soap Bubbles
Copyright: 1951
Orig. Price: 10¢