Bubble Blowers starting with S
Sabrina pen Sabrina Magic Bubble Pen
Circa: 1990s?
Company: Applause, Archie Comic Pub.
Sailor duck closed Sailor Duck
Copyright: 1990
Company: Tootsietoy
Santa, Telco Motionette
Copyright: 1995
Company: Telco
Orig. Price: $199.99
Science of Soap Films Science of Soap Films and Soap Bubbles, The
Copyright: 1992
Company: Dover Publications
Orig. Price: $14.95
Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo (battery operated)
Copyright: 1999
Company: Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera
Hat on Sheriff Donald Duck
Copyright: 1987
Company: Disney, Tootsietoy
Orig. Price: $2.69
Lisa with saxophone Simpson's Bubble Blowing Lisa
Copyright: 1990
Company: Mattel
Orig. Price: $22.00
In box Sleeping Beauty Bubble Princess
Copyright: 1995
Company: Mattell
Slippery Soap Slippery Soap Party Bubbles (Blue's Clues)
Copyright: 1999
Company: Tapper
Orig. Price: $3.95
3 scents Smell This Scented Bubble Solutions
Copyright: 2000
Company: Smell This Scented Bubbles
Orig. Price: $9.00
Snappy Snappy the Happy Bubble Blowing Dragon
Circa: 1960s
Company: Marx Co., Japan
In box Snow White Bubble Princess
Copyright: 1995
Company: Mattel
Bottle Snowden and Friends Bubbles
Copyright: 1998
Company: Krazy Bubbles, Target
Hardback book Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and the Forces ...
Copyright: 1959
Company: Dover Publications, Inc., NY
Orig. Price: $5.95
Soap Science Soap Science: A Science Book Bubbling ...
Copyright: 1993
Company: Perseus Publishing
Orig. Price: $9.95
Sonic on card Sonic the Hedgehog
Copyright: 1993
Company: Sega, Happiness Express
SpongeBob Puzzle SpongeBob Jigsaw Puzzle
Circa: 2002?
Company: Nickleodeon, Mattel
Close-up SpongeBob SquarePants Dancin' Bubble Blower
Copyright: 2001
Company: Little Kids Inc.
Orig. Price: $4.99
Bubble stroller Stroller, Cabbage Patch Kids
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Mattel
Girl with mower Super WaterSpout Mower
Circa: 1999
Company: Little Tykes
Orig. Price: $19.99