Bubble Blowers starting with P
Front view Panda Bear
Copyright: 1996
Company: Funrise Toys
Group of 6 Peanuts Bubble Buddies Set
Copyright: 1992
Company: Dorda (or Tala), Peanuts, UPS Inc.
Orig. Price: $12.00
Periwinkle cat Periwinkle the Cat (Blue's Clues) Bubble Tumbler
Circa: 2000s
Company: Little Kids, Inc.
Orig. Price: $2.49
Close-up Pikachu (Pokeman) Bubble Blower
Copyright: 1999
Company: Koosh, OddzOn, Hasbro, Nintendo
Orig. Price: $2.99
Bubble solution Pillsbury Doughboy Bubbles
Circa: 1970s?
Company: Crazy Bubbles
Bubble bag Pooh and Tigger Bubble Bag
Copyright: 2003
Company: Gazillion, Funrise, Disney
Popeye with spinach Popeye Bubble Buddies
Copyright: 1997
Company: Dorda, King Features Syndicate
Front view Popeye, Linemar Bubble Blowing
Circa: 1950s
Company: Linemar Co. Inc.
Side view Power Wheels Tractor
Copyright: 1984
Company: Fisher-Price
Orig. Price: $79.99
Prof. Bubbles book Professor Bubbles' Official Bubble Handbook
Copyright: 1987
Company: Greenleaf Publishers
Orig. Price: $5.95
Wand up Pumpkin Bubble Blower
Circa: 1990s?
Company: Made in China
Blowing bubbles Pustefix Mechanical Bear
Copyright: 1948
Company: Pustefix company (Germany)
Zauberbar Pustefix Zauberbar
Circa: 1990s ?
Company: Pustefix.de
Orig. Price: $6.00