Bubble Blowers starting with F
Close-up Fairy Barbie, Bubble
Copyright: 1998
Company: Mattel
Close up Fairy Christie, Bubble
Copyright: 1998
Company: Mattel
Teresa Fairy Teresa, Bubble
Copyright: 1998
Company: Mattel
Orig. Price: $24.99
Set of four Felix Bubble Buddies Set
Circa: 1990s
Company: Dorda Toys, FTCP Inc.
Fireman Elmo Fireman Elmo Bubble Toob (Sesame Street)
Copyright: 2001
Company: Little Kids Inc.
Orig. Price: $5.99
F-P mower Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Circa: 2000?
Company: Fisher-Price
Orig. Price: $19.99
Set of six Flintstones Bubble Buddies Set
Copyright: 1993
Company: H-B Hanna-Barbera, Dorda
4 of the set Flintstones Bubble Buddies Set (on cards)
Copyright: 1993
Company: Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc., Dorda Toys
Close-up Freud Executive Stress Bubbles
Circa: 1980s?
Company: Hyman Creative Products Group
Friendly Martians Friendly Martian Bubble Twins
Circa: 2000
Company: Imperial Miracle Bubbles (#04821)
Set Frog Bubble Pen
Circa: 2000s?
Orig. Price: $2.99
Side view Frog, Large battery-operated
Copyright: 2003
Company: Gemmy Industries Corp.
Orig. Price: $19.99
Bubble pendants Funny Bunny Bubble Pendants
Copyright: 2001
Company: Imperial Co.
Bunny Wand Funny Bunny Bubble Set
Copyright: 2001
Company: Imperial #08814
Side view Funrise Bubble Mower Lawn Tractor
Circa: 2000
Company: FunRise
Orig. Price: $79.99