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Individuals with bubble items they would like included in the database can contact me to find out where to send pictures and what information I need. You do not have to send your item to have it included. Manufacturers and wholesale/retail sellers who would like their bubble blower products added to this website can send sample items. I will add each of your items to the database and provide links to your website for each item. Email for further info.


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Please tell me about errors. I do not want typos or other errors on my site, so please let me know if you see any.

If your webpage educates in some way about bubbles, please send me its address. I will include links to informative and educational sites on the Bubble Links page. I do not link to commercial sites from this page.


A lot of work goes into any website. If you enjoyed this one or even if you hated it, I'd love to hear from you. Please email me with ideas, additional information, improvements, corrections, comments, or to let me know you are a bubble person as well.

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last updated: 02/10/2006